Outside finnish sauna

Our new addition - finnish outside sauna with cold water pool 

Outside finnish sauna right in the middle of the nature.
Did you spend your whole day skiing biking or hiking the hills? Then its time for relax!
Regular use of sauna is very beneficial for your immune system, you can prevent commond colds and viruses and help you body with regenerating. 

Your body is getting stronger and more fit. 


Entrance above 12 years of age
Private entrance 1,5 hod: 30,- Eur
Number of people: Max 6 person, relax room in winter for max 3 people

Finnish outside bath

Unique experience bathing in the outside wooden jacuzzi with the forest view! 

Relax your muscles after sports in our outside finnish hot tub. It can be freezing outside meanwhile you will rest in the water of temperature 36-38 degrees Celsius. 


1 hour bathing/room (max 4 person): 20,-Eur/hod
Each person above 4 max 6 : plus 5,-Eur
sampagne addition 10,-Eur

Last entrance is at 19:00. Hot tub needs to be ordered day before for the desired hour so we can prepare it. 


Do you know the beneficial effects of infrasuana?

 Whether you are tired from sports activities or you just want to relax, infrared sauna is the right choice! It helps the body to get rid of toxins, relieve muscle and joint pain, improve blood flow and cleanses the skin.  

The great beneficial effects of infrared sauna can be also enjoyed by people with high blood pressure.  Unlike the finnish sauna, the body temperature doesnt rise to 38 °C and consequently the imune system gets activated and metabolism is activated.   Infrasauna is more gentle to the body than regular finnish sauna.

You can set our infrared sauna to temperatures in between 60-80 degrees celsius.


Free with your stay.